Sunday, April 21, 2013

Truck Update

So it's been about a year since I finished the truck down at Wayne's. How has it been all this time?

Well, first off I ran into a problem where the gasifier was overheating. Turns out it was a bad weld joint deep inside, and air was mixing with hot gas - making a cutting torch effect. Not good inside a thin-walled gasifier. So I got to repair that this spring back down at Wayne's place! It was a wonderful visit and we also mailed out his book, Have Wood Will Travel. Now I've driven it home and round about Frankfort for a while, it's back in service! Everything's looking good, over 3,000 wood miles on it now.

So I'm thinking about selling it and moving on to another truck build, a Dakota this time. Before I can sell I need to have it in good shape. Argos is also coming up so I want everything to be solid and reliable for that as well.

Some photos of recent progress. I painted some PVC under the hood:

And I moved some of my gauges to the dashboard:

Got the slider window repaired. Can you tell which side is plexiglass?

That's all for now. I'll keep on truckin with wood, and try to post an update every now and then. Just a reminder, if you're interested in woodgas at all, check out Drive On Wood, the site where I spend most of my time. There's tons of free info, and time tested plans for the Keith gasifier too. Yada yada.... OK, it's a plug for the site. But it's still worth checking out.