Thursday, March 25, 2010

I got the exhaust manifold studs out, finally.... remember I had to saw off the nuts on two of them, as well as two of the bolts that broke off.
JM said to try wedging two nuts back to back, and turning against each other. I tried that, but quickly stripped one of my two nuts :banghead

So then I invented a new technique, I used one nut and 'mushroomed out' the end of the bolt/stud by beating on it with a hammer. I then backed out the nut, which was then locked in by the mushroomed end. Very clever, unless you want your nut back...... :smackface

And there was still one too short for all this, so it had to be drilled out. I will have to get a tap and rethread the hole, anyone happen to know the bolt size, metric I suspect. Looks like 20 threads per inch.

Needless to say, I will be getting new studs, bolts, and threads.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Heres the latest:

I got the exhaust manifold off, after much frustration and wasted effort. The final step involved a sabersaw. :banghead At least it's off.

So, on with the fun part. I disassembled the head according to The Guide.

Posted Image

Notice the rust on the camshaft, due to the water in the oil.

Posted Image

All the parts in order.

Posted Image

Look at this gunk I found - nasty sludge.

Posted Image

This is the intake valve #2 after cleaning. Seems rough surfaced, may replace.

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Posted Image

First pass over the combustion chamber - looks pretty good.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Ok, as you may have seen elsewhere, I got the fender straightened out. I also fixed the radiator core support, see this thread.

I am now in the process of rebuilding the head, as per Johnny Mullet's guide. It has been straightforward thus far.
.......Until I got to the exhaust manifold. :die

The bolts are seemingly fused to the head, and so rusted away that the slightest torque, er, um, snaps them off. :smackface :banghead
I have been fighting rusty screws all the way, but never so weak as these.

YES I used penetrating oil (WD-40). I should have used PB blaster, but I don't have any, and I got a little impatient, I guess.

NO I don't have access to "heat", i.e. oxy-acetylene as JM suggests. My little propane blowtorch just doesn't put out the BTU's. The engine doesn't run well enough to warm itself up, either. that 2 of the bolts are broke off - how do I get the manifold off? what is the best procedure here?

Monday, March 15, 2010

We got the metro home Saturday. My friend has a trailer with a hydraulic dump feature, so we were able to tilt the bed of it and drove the car right up.

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Posted Image

It is in pretty rough shape, no deep rust, but some surface rust. No carpet. The bumper is all messed up. The hatch was beat in and wouldn't open, I have already repaired that.

Posted Image

Here's the bad news – WATER IN THE OIL......... :( :banghead

So I have to determine what exactly this means. Blown head gasket, cracked head, or external moisture.
Compression was good on 2 out of three - 190dry/210 wet, 180 dry/200 wet. I couldn't test the 3rd because the plug is rusted in place. :hmm

The hood has not been attached for a long time, at least 2 years. The radiator seemed low, but it only took about a quart of coolant to fil it up. No expansion tank, of course. One of the, round rubber radiator mounts, I'll call it.... is cracked, and when I overfilled the radiator, coolant came out of it. So the radiator may be shot, and now I'm wondering how expensive this “good deal” is going to be. At least I have a project, finally!

The alternator is also 'crunchy' feeling. The belt is long gone, and so I dont know if it will work at all. Should I go ahead and have it rebuilt, or not?

I have finally tested the third cylinder, it tested 180 dry, and 170 wet !? Not sure what that means, but it seems that a rebuild is likely. The bumper is actually fitting back together, so I am probably not going to replace it. That fiberglass is killing me, though - I feel like a porcupine :O 

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Heres the metro I am going to get, most likely. The front end is all crumpled up, but hopefully nothing structural is damaged. I offered $200, and they took it.

Posted Image

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I'm excited.

It's a 1996 metro, 3/5, 2 door hatchback, asking price $400. Stanford, KY (about 40 miles)

Not much info on condition, pics look good.

Like i said, they took 200. Haven't heard when to pick it up yet, probably next day or two.