Monday, March 15, 2010

We got the metro home Saturday. My friend has a trailer with a hydraulic dump feature, so we were able to tilt the bed of it and drove the car right up.

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It is in pretty rough shape, no deep rust, but some surface rust. No carpet. The bumper is all messed up. The hatch was beat in and wouldn't open, I have already repaired that.

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Here's the bad news – WATER IN THE OIL......... :( :banghead

So I have to determine what exactly this means. Blown head gasket, cracked head, or external moisture.
Compression was good on 2 out of three - 190dry/210 wet, 180 dry/200 wet. I couldn't test the 3rd because the plug is rusted in place. :hmm

The hood has not been attached for a long time, at least 2 years. The radiator seemed low, but it only took about a quart of coolant to fil it up. No expansion tank, of course. One of the, round rubber radiator mounts, I'll call it.... is cracked, and when I overfilled the radiator, coolant came out of it. So the radiator may be shot, and now I'm wondering how expensive this “good deal” is going to be. At least I have a project, finally!

The alternator is also 'crunchy' feeling. The belt is long gone, and so I dont know if it will work at all. Should I go ahead and have it rebuilt, or not?

I have finally tested the third cylinder, it tested 180 dry, and 170 wet !? Not sure what that means, but it seems that a rebuild is likely. The bumper is actually fitting back together, so I am probably not going to replace it. That fiberglass is killing me, though - I feel like a porcupine :O