Sunday, April 15, 2012

Trip Report

Well, I am happy to say... we finished the truck. It runs on wood now!!! Not only that but I was able to drive it all the way home on wood power!

I spent two long weeks in Alabama with my woodgas mentor and business partner Wayne Keith, who agreed to help me finish my truck - a rare and precious opportunity for me. I can't thank him enough, and so I encourage everyone to just go preorder the book - it's worth the $50, actually worth far more than that. Check out for more info on the trip. OK, enough shameless plugs.

Here's some photos of the last two weeks.

Headed down early Monday morning. Burned a whole $100 in gas to get there.

Wayne welds much better than I do. I will keep practicing...

Working in the master's shop.

Tally Keith shows off his muscles.

Here's how we did the plumbing under the hood. Two throttles on two pedals. Gasoline carburetor is always there if you need it, full and waiting. But like the Maytag man, the call never comes...

Gasifier  is nearly done, ready for paint.

Ready for the road.

300 miles home on woodgas. Burned 400 lbs of wood.

 Stopped on the Wolf Creek Dam.

 Video of the ride home:

Video of a hill climb outside Dunlap TN: