Thursday, December 29, 2016


Hi folks! This blog has been dormant for a long time. It stands as a record of my early online writing, and lots of my farm adventures, my first car, and my first woodgas build. For those reasons, I won't be reviving this blog.

However, I am still writing! If you want to read all about my more recent woodgas adventures, visit and look for my posts. There are more than a few. I've had another woodgas truck, sold it too, and now have two more gasifiers in the works.

I just started a new weblog for a homesteading project, along with my sister Maggie. We're saving up for land, and eventually plan to build a small homestead.  You can read all about that, and follow our journey on the new weblog.

Thanks to my loyal readers! Hope to see you down the road. Drop me a line anytime:

Chris Saenz

December 29, 2016