Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Took a crack at wheel skirts today..... I don't have any coroplast, but I do have cabinet paneling. :D

Posted Image

Posted Image

I'm not convinced yet, but they're easily removable if I don't like them. I partly solved the attachment problem at the top by tucking the wood inside the fender. The bottom is attached to a piece of 1/2" conduit which I flattened and bent into shape.

I remembered bogs had mentioned wood is made more flexible by cutting 'kerfs' or grooves into the backside. This is true, and allows that beautiful curvy shape I came up with.....alright, not beautiful. But certainly curved.

Not pictured: I manually retracted the antenna and did a full windshield wiper delete.

Yes I said full delete; I unbolted the arms and have them in the back. They appear to be sticking out right in the airstream, and the front looks much cleaner without them.

Someone is going to say "You should put them back on, you have to have wipers." Sure I do, and can put them back quickly when I need them, i.e. when its raining. I don't hardly drive this car in the rain.

Soon enough I will run out of easy mods, and then I will think about the more challenging ones, i.e. a boattail..... :drool

Friday, August 27, 2010

Good news! I decided to test the fan again, and the durn thing came on! Huh. :smackface

So now I have a little more confidence in the Metro cooling system. Who knows, I may see a small MPG increase, since I'm not running the fan constantly anymore.

Thanks todaugen, I owe you one. :thumb

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Imbert gasifier footage from WWII

Cool video from bioenergyken.

video showing actual Imbert gasifier - design, production and operation. Appears to be filmed by the manufacturer, Imbert.

Youtube description:
'Sweden was short of oil during WWII. There were some cars which ran with the syngas from biomass gasifier.'

Would love to get a transcription of the Swedish dialog here. [EDIT: added link to transcription!]