Tuesday, September 27, 2011

At the IBMA in Nashville

I am writing this from the lobby of the Renissance Hotel in Nashville, TN. We are down here for the annual IBMA business conference, representing the Wernick Method; here to answer questions and spread the word about jam classes. So far it's been slow, nobody has answered the ad in the program. But we are still here. The library is right across the street, and so we spent some quality time there catching up on things.

Ran into Jed Clark yesterday...one of the few people I ever met on Facebook, he plays lead guitar in a band called The Roys. Hopefully we will meet up when there's some time to pick. We also met up with Ira Gitlin, the very first Wernick Method teacher, and had a nice long chat.

Parking in Nashville is a headache...Of all the parking garages, several were full this morning, one was not clear how to pay for a spot, and the one we ended up with was $10, up 4 levels....with no elevator. Hopefully we will get in the library garage earlier tomorrow and we will be all set.

This year the hallways are open to the public, which is supposed to let people conduct their business without having to register for the conference. So this year we are in the hallways, waiting for someone to see the ad in the program and call for an appointment....Like I said, it's been slow so far. But it's only Tuesday, things may pick up later.