Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pictures from KSU

I had a great time at KSU's Third Thursday Thing program. Here are the pics:

They had asked me to come up and show off the gasifier in progress. This went as well as could be expected. Nobody got burned or inhaled too much smoke. The duct tape was not behaving as I would have liked, but we managed to get a flare going. The weather started out a little dreary at 9am:

 Also on display was the MicroFueler [visible in the background]. Basically a $10,000 computerized moonshine still, which is "in beta". They were trying to get it to work when we had to go. Oh well.

By lunch it had cleared up, but the wind picked up, and made lighting the flare difficult. Plenty of interested folks!

Thanks to Matthew for taking the pictures. He was a big help, especially loading up:

It's not easy taking what basically amounts to a hot stove, emptying it, and putting in the car for the ride home. We kept the windows down for breathing sake.

The next step is hooking it all up...the part you've been waiting for. Just have to cross little hurdles, like getting some PVC pipe today. The hay filter and the gasifier installations come next. Then plumbing, gas mixer, Arduino.... it will be running very soon.