Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gasifier demo at KSU

I took the week off from gasifier work, but that doesn't mean I have been idle. Wernick Method classes are picking up this fall, and so I've been busier. We got some very much needed rain at the beginning of the week, and lately it has been much cooler and overcast. Very pleasant. Tomatoes are done now, they made a good run which we enjoyed very much.

On Thursday I have the opportunity to demonstrate the gasifier at KSU. They asked me to do a presentation, so I have been putting that together this week. This is what it looks like now  - updated in realtime:

Tell me what you think. I will continue to refine this as we go along.

Last week I did take some time to paint the gasifier with hi-temp grill paint, it looks much better now:

And the cyclone is in place:

Cut a hole in the floor, for the ash bin to go through.

Connected the cooling rack downspouts to the plumbing under the bed - two different methods here:

Got a rotor with a 5" opening from the junkyard:

Trimmed to fit inside the gasifier:

And I made a test run with the new blower stand. Self sustained flare in 7 minutes! Even with all the futzing around I did... Hope it goes smoothly on Thursday.

I have to make sure it will all fit in the Suburban. If I disconnect the pipes, it should fit fine. Bringing plenty of duct tape and Silicone II sealant. I will try to get some pics while I'm up there.