Saturday, June 12, 2010


WARNING this post may ramble a bit.......

I have nearly finished my Geo project, and so in the back of my mind there is a nagging feeling...soon I won't have anything to fix. This happened on my previous car, a 1986 Volvo. After I put in a lot of work, learned alot about Volvos, I got it fixed up pretty nice. Not perfect, but anything further would have been mostly expense, and not much experience. So I sold that, and bought this broken down Geo. Once that is fixed, I will be out of projects, but also out of cash. So I have a chance to dream a little bit.....

Part of me wants to make a mileage-getter. I could do it to this car, but I don't have a good feeling towards how long it will last. Its not rusty or anything, I just don't know on a fifteen year old car. So I could start looking for an engine/tranny, rebuild it completely - like balancing the crankshaft, and put in a 3.79 tranny, get it all ready to drop in. Then I would look for a prime candidate with a bad engine/tranny, and swap it in. This way I can go a step at a time, and not have too much invested before I decide.

Another intriguing possibility is making a wood powered truck. I have researched this a bit, and there is a hopper, some filters, and a little fabrication to do. Yes you can run a car on wood. I would do a truck, simply for the extra space in the bed to hold the gasifier. Also a truck is a good candidate for conversion to steam power, as it is rear wheel drive, and again has plenty of room in the back. I would dearly love to do a Metro conversion of some sort, but they are very tight on space.

Perhaps a diesel Metro....I have seen some videos on Youtube of them, they have been done. It would be fairly simple compared to the other options. The question being, is it worth it? Would the mileage go up enough to make it cost effective?

The car of my dreams......a Cyclone engine in a Geo Metro. Google it.

Anyways, enough rambling and daydreaming.....Ive got a gasket coming Monday that will get me back on the road, and finish this stage of the project. So what next?