Friday, September 23, 2011

Plumbing the gasifier - Part 1

I promised that the truck would be running just as soon as I get these little pieces in place. I have had to custom fabricate a number of my own fittings, like these you see here:

In the picture you see an oddball Y fitting, two homemade valves, and a pipe to the blower:

Notice all the flanges. Had to make those so that I can disassemble this later.  Here's a homemade valve; involving a 16p nail and a scrap cutout from the hole saw:

This one locks into the tabs on the blower. Again, custom made with no pattern. 

Here it is bolted up. Lots of silicone goo:


You can see the blower is on there now. Much better setup than the demonstration. I still need to make a real support for it. But all this is in place now, and I am ready to flare gas. I want to get a little more pipe work done before I flare, though. There will be PVC under the bed, and a hay filter - next time.