Tuesday, May 10, 2011

HoneyTone belt amp

I got a new toy in the mail today. Meet the HoneyTone belt amp. 

This thing is only about six inches tall. It is designed to go on your belt, and allow you to practice your electric guitar, or play in a quieter setting. It also has a headphone jack for silent practicing.

Even came with a vintage 9-volt battery (not sure if that's a selling point). You can also plug it in, a good thing since it seems to drain the battery quickly.

Here it is clipped to my pocket. I will be using this when I take Bill Kirchen's electric guitar class at Augusta this year. A room full of regular size amps would be a little overpowering, so he recommends using these little amps. Clipped to your belt, you can walk around without dragging a guitar cable.

This also works as a portable speaker for an mp3 player. You only get one channel, so audiophiles may need a stereo/mono adapter. But I played Flatt and Scruggs all afternoon with no trouble.

The sound is fine, a little tinny from such a small speaker cone, but very acceptable for practicing. Not bad at all for $20.