Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The moment of truth

At long last I have gotten all the pieces of the gasifier in place. I haven't gone through the leakproofing yet, but everything is hooked up. Here's the plumbing under the hood:

The air cleaner still fits just fine:

The final filter for the woodgas, and the bilge blower:

The plumbing from under the truck:

Here you see the same pipe, going back to the hay filter. Further under there you can see the pipe from the condensate tank coming forward to the hay filter.

The pipe from the condensate tank, ready to go into the hay filter.

Again my oven-heating PVC trick, made a nice flange for this pipe. Metal window screen, this needs filling with hay.

Some hay for the filter. Used about a quarter of this.

All hooked up.

And I added a jar to catch soot and condensate from the cyclone.

So I decided to flare some gas, and see what happened... It flared beautifully, although I could tell there was air getting past the leaks. Still, I went ahead and flared it under the hood - perfect flame, pointed right at the wires on the firewall...OK, enough of that! So the next step....I tried starting it: And it started. It ran a few seconds, and quit. I have to get the air leaks fixed, and advance the timing. But it ran, I heard it! It lives!!

You can hear it too - I have a video.  It's a little dark, shot in the evening, but you can hear it run (starts at 3:35). Enjoy!