Friday, November 26, 2010

Next project is an ignition kill switch.

I have a biased rocker switch installed in the empty defroster switch slot, not sure if I will keep it there after I try it out.

Hooked up a regular relay, only to find I had to hold the button down to keep the car running....oops. Need a double throw 'Bosch type' relay, so one of the contacts will be normally closed. So I have to decide whether its better to try and find one at a junkyard, and hope that it works, or buy one new for $10 at Autozone, hard to tell if they normally stock it or not. Anyhoo...

After reading on Ecomodder, it seems that the fuse method seen here interrupts everything, and so its best to just cut the injector wire. One member advocates using the cam position sensor, the wire coming off the distributor. I think I'll stick with the injector wire, but I'm curious to know if anyone here has used the sensor method, and what the advantages would be.