Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Youtube Channel

I have finally got myself shifted on to a single Google account; for a while I used the account for only one thing - YouTube. I left it due to the videos I had posted, and subscriptions I had made. YouTube does not allow account switching, BTW - once you've signed up, that's the only account you can use. But constantly switching between Google accounts is no fun. So I have just finished reposting all the videos from kymetro9999 to the new channel, eatmorechili1. I managed to continue the color scheme from the blog onto the channel page. Here's one of the more popular videos: 

This is a few of us at GeoPalooza this year. We were working on a Geo Metro which needed welding on the underneath side. Lacking a floor jack, we had plenty of human labor....Lift it up! We steadied it with some boards and held on tight, monitoring the slightest motions very carefully. All told, the car stayed in the air for about 45 minutes. Please note the gas-can stool that Coyote-X is sitting on while he welds. 

View more great clips on the new channel,