Sunday, January 9, 2011

Steer Clear Driver's Program

It's not every day that your insurance company pleads with you to take a lower premium. Sends you fliers, ask you to come in to talk about it, and so forth. But that's what State Farm has decided to do, with their latest effort to keep teen drivers a little safer on the road. I got a notice on the last statement from them that I was eligible for a reduction in premiums if I follow their guidelines. This is what they want me to do:

  • Sign a paper stating that I promise to be a safe driver.
  • Keep a trip log for five trips, recording where I went, and various aspects of the trip (conditions, weather, distractions, etc.)
  • Come by the office and claim my discount.
Seems awfully simple to me, I don't mind. I generally drive slower than anyone else on the road, I don't have a cellphone, and I always wear a seatbelt, at least on major roads. You can get pulled over for all that anyway, so why take a chance? I guess they expect teen drivers to feel differently, perhaps they do. I won't complain; they can pay me to do what I do already, no problem.........