Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Went To Jacob's

Went to see my good friend Jacob Ellis on New Years Day. He didn’t get the day off, since their family runs a small convenience store, and they stayed open. I have had some adventures with Jacob over the years that we've been here.  This time was no different.

After locating him at his house, we walked over to see his latest fix-it project. Their GMC Suburban had been in a rear end wreck a few years ago, and the rear axle had always been off since then. So they were in the last stages of rebuilding with a new rear end, and new transfer case. His shop is an old Amish outbuilding, with a sliding door and concrete floor, and a lot of junk, barely leaving room for the car itself. The only power/light came in on an extension cord from elsewhere, no insulation or heat.

When I showed up, he was mildly irritated at his brother Ethan who had lost some of the nuts off of the transmission. Since this was his only day off, and I wanted to be around to help with the job, I suggested we go on into town and get the bolts. So off we went  in the little Metro (getting 56mpg for the trip) and headed for town 25 miles away.

About an hour later we got back with the goods, and set to work on the Suburban.  Bolted up the rear plate on the differential and put the new nuts on the transfer case. Installed both of the drive shafts, bled the brakes, bolted on the wheels, and filled up the tires....we were rolling! Everything seemed to be secure, and Jacob said he’d be checking all the bolts after  they had settled in a bit.  At this point, we had blown right through supper, and  so we said good bye to Jacob and Ethan, and headed home.

Jacob said that he is getting his old truck back, and that it will need work done...so that may be our next little  adventure. I hope so, because Jacob is fun to be around, and I always look forward to wrenching with him.