Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dodge Truck For Sale

For all my multitude of readers, there are a FEW DAYS LEFT before this truck sells! A beautiful 1987 Dodge 250 V8 pickup.

If you think you might want to buy it, here is your chance. It has Power steering, A/C which doesn't work, 2WD, Towing capabilities (it has a hitch), mostly undented bed, could use some paint. Buy it and restore it! You aren't going to find a much cleaner specimen in Pellyton, KY - or any other specimen for that matter! Comes with a junked title, but that can be fixed through the DMV. Surely you are in need of another project! Well, if you are you'd better hurry because this thing could sell ANY MINUTE! Asking $800 OBO. Come on down and see it for yourself.
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