Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cone Roller Part II

I think the pictures tell the story quite well.....

The roller has been welded to a large flat plate of steel. I made a handle from  some electrical conduit.

The conduit handle is removable. It simply slides down over the two bolts I welded to the angle.

The ultra-precise angle gauge - consisting of a wood shim clamped to the rotating section, and a bit of scrap wood. Here's how it works:

Keep bending one spot until the mark just barely shows. Then readjust the cone for a new bend. This keeps all the bends the same on each pass.

Time for some action:

Bend on all the radius lines, in between or wherever you like as long as you are aligned with the radius. Stop on the line, and you are safe against overbending. Keep increasing the angle, and make several passes:

Getting close now. Don't overshoot the angle! I had a little tweaking to do, but I ended up with this:

Not bad for a first try, eh? The slip roll machine that this replaces looks like this:

This particular slip-roll had no price tag, instead it says "Call for price" and "Financing available".

Similar machines are anywhere from $200 to $2000 dollars. My cost? About $3 for the steel from the steelyard. Plus I burned up about four welding rods. And then there's labor....Labor is high, you know. ;)