Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cone Roller

I have mentioned before that I am building a gasifier; this will require welding skills which I don't yet possess. But I see this as an opportunity, not a headache. I want to learn welding, and this is a prime opportunity.  So far my welding has been nice little beads on flat steel, and welding up scraps of steel. Here's one of my creations, showing my beginner's welds:

Today I actually built something useful, called a cone roller. Those of you who have done machining or custom fabrication work know that steel cones and cylinders are generally made from flat sheet metal, rolled in a slip-roll machine. That is the best and easiest way. Unfortunately for me, slip roll machines are many hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Since I don't plan to be rolling very many cones or cylinders, I can make do with a very simple bending device. Here's how it will look eventually (photo from member Pepe at Victory Gasworks):

I have the guts of it done, namely the hinged angle iron and the one inch bar. Next comes the handle, and then I have to find something sturdy to mount it to.

Some detail shots: