Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dodge Truck interior

I have been away for most of the week, in North Carolina at Pete Wernick's Jam Camp. While I was gone, a box arrived in the mail for me. A seat cover for the Dodge truck I have been restoring. Here is what the seat looked like before:

Not too good. The seat had worn down right to the springs. Initially I was going to replace the bench, but the junkyard price was $100 and up, depending on the condition. I decided to try repairing the seat myself, using some foam from a seat cushion. I found a seat cover on Ebay for $13, so I ordered it.

Looking good! Yes, I vacuumed it. Plenty of room for new gauges when I get the gasifier installed.

The seat cover. The bench seat is tight and smooth, the back less so. But overall I am quite happy.

While I was sprucing things up, I painted the air cleaner top. I like red.

Didn't want to paint this part, so I just cleaned it up real good. Here it is back together again: