Friday, June 10, 2011

Gasifier Update

The gasifier is coming along. I have started work on the hopper:

I am using a 55 gallon drum, much wider than the hearth section, and reducing with this ring. Cutting out the bottom (note the alignment mark):

And with the ring in place. The ring sticks into the barrel about an inch, to make a trap for condensate.

Cleaned up for welding:

On the hearth: Since I have decided against the preheating air tubes, I am going straight in from the sides. More holes to drill.

And holes to tape over. Duck tape to the rescue!

The cyclone filter is getting closer, too. I actually tested it out, and I will post the video when I can (Internet is flaky today).  I made an intake for it from sheet metal:

Notice that nothing is welded yet. That's because I am going to take the plunge and buy a welder. A 90 amp Harbor Freight special...don't snicker, I know some guys that have used them successfully. Should have that by next week. So I am prepping lots of material to weld in the meantime.