Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pipe for Cooling Rack

Today I had to fetch ten pieces of 20 foot pipe, from our local gate company. Moving material that long is not trivial, especially when it is round and would like to roll off. Here's the solution I ended up with:

This worked quite well. The gate place was only a few miles away, so we
took it slow and easy. Coming up the gravel driveway was the worst part.

The "pipe" is technically tubing, and not strong or made for carrying water. But it is usually made well enough to be airtight, and it is pretty cheap - I got 200 feet for $30. I will only use maybe 60 feet of that, $9 worth.

I am going to build a cooling rack for the gasifier, like the ones Wayne Keith has built on his Dodge Dakotas:

I have emailed him asking for details. Once I have a clear concept of how it works, I will crank up the welder and go to town. This might be fun.