Monday, July 18, 2011

Eating on the Road

Dad and I have done a fair bit of traveling together. For the past several years this has included taking our own food. We avoid eating out while we are traveling, because it is expensive and not particularly tasty. We can do at least that good on our own. Still, a week at Augusta Heritage Center in West Virginia stretched our meal planning skills to the limits. Here's some of what we ate:
  • Cheerios for breakfast, with store bought milk....which is better than no milk.
  • Bread and butter. We go for the good stuff, and split one of Panera Bread Co.'s French baguettes.
  • Sausage and cheese. This goes with the bread and butter, "rounding out" the meal. 
  • Fried chicken from Walmart. One of the best deals going for ready-to-eat meat.
  • Home made potato salad. Goes with the chicken, and I usually eat some by itself later.
  • Pita bread. Maggie was kind enough to make this for us. Warms up nicely on a hot car roof...
  • Tuna salad, to go in the pitas.
  • Hummus, to go with the pitas. 
  • Olives, for our pita/hummus meals and for general snacking.
We had to supplement some meals, so we got: 
  • Little Caesar's pizza (split)
  • Walmart french bread, roast beef, and potato chips

That last is one of my favorites. Here's the roast beef sandwiches we made:

Very simple and cheap, and delicious. 

Sometimes we find places outside the car to eat. One of the spots we ate:

Elkins City Park. A nice shady area, with plenty of picnic tables.

Of course the laptop is a big help on the road as well. We fortunately had wireless access just about everywhere we went.

At the campground in the dark:

At the library (after closing time):

At the student lounge after lunch: